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For the better part of a quarter century ZIRCAR has been producing castertips for use on twin roll continuous strip aluminum casters. Our first castertip, Type ASQ is used to produce pin hole-free aluminum foil on SCAL casters all around the globe. Today, our line of products includes tips for use on nearly all makes of twin roll, block and belt casters.

Our product range goes beyond typical castertip materials - those containing refractory ceramic fiber and silica binder. Alternate chemistries such as soluble fiber and alumina fiber compositions plus those with alumina binder are just a few of those available.

Castertip Type-ASQ
14 pcf density refractory ceramic fiber "soft tip". Alumina bonding of shot free fiber results in extreme performance in manufacture of the finest grades of medical, food and packaging foils.

Castertip Type NKO
Main stay "low mass hard tip" used on all makes of continuous thin strip aluminum casting equipment. NKO is a rigid combination of refractory ceramic fiber and inorganic binders.

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