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Besides offering a wide variety of standard rigid boards and cylinders we custom manufacture many intricate shapes. Satisfied customers all around the world take advantage of our products superfine machine-ability and our 25 years of custom parts experience. In fact nearly 80% of the orders we fill are filled with custom parts. Our modern machining facility is equipped with state of the art equipment. With it 
we offer a full range 
of machining capabilities and services including: cutting,sanding,
drilling, turning, milling and custom parts fabrication.
Custom parts are available in production and prototype quantities. Dimensional tolerances available are dependent upon the specific material being cut and the type of equipment utilized. Standard "woodworking tolerance" of +\- 1/16" is easily attained in most materials using simple manual equipment. Tolerance as tight as +\-0.001" is possible in premium materials SALI and ZAL-45 using CNC mills and routers".

Since we are equipped with state of the art Computer Aided Design and CNC production equipment we can import your DXF, IGES and DWG files to produce specific parts.


Custom boards, cylinders, shapes and preparations are available on request. Our forming processes, large inventory of custom tooling and state of the art machining techniques allow a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be made. Special geometries such as disks, rings, custom bore (round corner square, hexagonal, oval, etc.) cylinders, staved cylinders, troughs, channel, angle, custom-machined shapes and others can be fabricated. Machining to tight tolerance, compositional variations and the application of surface rigidizers and hardening agents are available.

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing.  

Our capabilities are wide ranging. For more examples of the work that is available, visit our 

Custom Machined Parts


View an array of split flanged semi-cylinders being machined using state of the art CNC equipment.

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Custom Machined Parts: specify quantity, product type and description (by supplying drawings, sketches, written descriptions or material specifications).

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