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102.jpg (3709 bytes)  Refractory Supported Heater Type AX-200

ZIRCAR Refractory Supported Heater Type AX-200 consists of high temperature, helically-wound, iron-chrome-aluminum metallic alloy resistance heating elements fully embedded in a strong, highly stable, high temperature refractory body. They are available in  watt densities up to 4000 w/ft for use to 1100C (2012F).   

These rugged heaters feature self-supporting construction and are precision fabricated for long heater life. The metallic heating element is carefully prepared prior to being cast into the refractory to ensure uniform heat over the complete surface of the unit. The base refractory has outstanding abrasion resistance and is ideal for applications where the heating element might be subject to mechanical damage or being splashed with molten metals. The high thermal mass of the heater minimizes fast thermal changes as can be experienced with low density fiber insulated heaters. They  are immune from damage from electrical shorting due to contact with materials being heated.

AX-200 precision fabricated high temperature heaters will produce uniform, reliable heat to 1100C (2012F). They are 100% organic free and will not smoke or outgas when heated. 


Heating Element Type

Fe-Cr-Al Alloy

Refractory Support
     Density, (nominal) g/cc (pcf)

1.92 (120)

     Nominal Composition, wt.%  






        TiO2 + other


     Maximum Use Temp.*, C (F)

1300 (2400)

     Porosity, % fired


     Crushing Strength, MPa(psi) at 816C (1500F)

27.6 (4000)

     Thermal Conductivity, W/mK (BTU/hr ft F/in)
        538C (1000F)

0.86 (6.0)

        1100C (2012F)

0.90 (6.3)

     Modulus of Rupture, MPa(psi) @ 816C (1500F)

4.1 (600)


Heating source in furnaces and industrial process equipment operating to 1100C (2012F).

High temperature hot plate heating element.

Molten metal splash resistant heating source for launders, troughs and distribution boxes.


ZIRCAR AX-200 Refractory supported heating elements are produced on a custom basis. Typically they are manufactured to customer specification, but ZIRCAR can design and construct units to satisfy a range of heating needs. 

Custom heaters, shapes and preparations are available on request. 

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing.

To Order

Custom heaters: specify quantity and description (by supplying drawings, sketches, written descriptions or material specifications).

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