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102.jpg (2192 bytes)  Alumina Bulk Fiber Type ALBF-1

ZIRCAR  Alumina Bulk Fiber Type ALBF-1 is  specially processed aluminum oxide fibers which have relatively short fiber lengths. It is suitable for use in vacuum forming of rigid boards and shapes and as a bulk fill material. It has use at temperatures to 1700C (3092F). 

ALBF-1 fibers exhibit light weight, low  thermal conductivity, low thermal mass and immunity to thermal shock. A minor addition of  silica modifies the fiber's microcrystalline structure and act as a grain growth and prevents embrittlement that usually occurs after extended use at elevated temperatures. ALBF-1 resists attack in aggressive chemical environments due to its high purity & refractory nature. It is stable in vacuum, inert or reducing atmospheres.

ALBF-1 fibers and refractory binders  yield a uniform body of 0.16 - 0.24 gm/cm3 (10-15 pcf) density, when vacuum formed from a water slurry. Silica, alumina and aluminum phosphate binders can be used to form rigid refractory thermal insulation products

ALBF-1 fiber is useful as insulation packing in furnace spaces, around furnace sight tubes & ports and fill in expansion joints and masonry cracks.

ALBF-1  offers  significant advantages over vitreous alumino-silicate fibers, including:
• High temperature dimensional stability
• Resilience and flexibility after exposure to elevated temperatures
• Exceptional refractoriness


Composition, %  







Alpha Alumina, wt%




Density, gm/cc (pcf)

3.4 (212)

Fiber Length, mean mm (in)

3.2 (.125)

Mean Diameter, microns


Maximum Use Temp.*, C (F)

1700 (3092)

Melting Point, C (F)

2038 (3700)

Specific Heat, J/kg K (BTU/lb F)

1047 (0.25)

Shot Content


Shipping Density, gm/cc (pcf)

0.1 (6)

Packed Density Range, gm/cc (pcf)

0.1 - 0.19 (6-12)

Linear Shrinkage, %  

   1 hr at 1538C (2800F)


   1 hr at 1650C (3002F)


Thermal Conductivity at 6 pcf packed density


Maximum use temperature is dependent on variables such as stresses, both thermal and mechanical, and the chemical environment that the material experiences.



Backup thermal insulation in furnaces and thermal process systems operating to temperatures exceeding 2000C (3632F).

Vacuum forming of low-density, high alumina fibrous ceramic materials.

Additive in ceramic fiber containing vacuum formed products to improve refractoriness.

Furnace insulation packing around sight tubes, ports, expansion joints, and masonry cracks.

msds.jpg (1069 bytes)MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETmsds.jpg (1069 bytes)






SHIP WT. (lb.)



ALBF-1, 1 LB


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