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Any one of ZIRCAR Ceramics' flexible materials can help complete almost any insulation job. Insulating papers mats and blankets in alumina, alumina-silica or NON RCF fibers are very useful where rigid insulation materials cannot be applied. Easily cut and installed these materials bring significant utility to the application they serve.

ALBF-1 Bulk Fiber

Alumina Papers Type APA
Flexible and rigid grades of high alumina fiber paper in sheets, full rolls and die cut parts. They are useful to temperatures as high as 1650C (3002F). 

Alumina Mat

Alumina Mat
A layered, low density flexible mat made of 100% polycrystalline alumina fiber (non-RCF) designed for use to temperatures as high as 1650C (3002F). Shot free low density mat used as fill between rigid insulation materials as well as a source for making folded fiber modules.

Alumina Blanket

Alumina Blanket Type AB & Type MB
Two varieties of quilted alumina fiber blanket that have good handleability and offer very low thermal conductivity. These resilient blankets are easily cut and applied to numerous application with temperatures as high as 1600 C (2912 F). 

ASB Insulation Blanket

Alumina-Silica Blanket Type ASB-2300 & ASB-2600
Useful to temperatures of 1260C and 1400C respectively these mechanically needled ceramic fiber blankets are available in a variety of thickness' and densities.

Alumina-Silica Textile Type AS-1260 

Multiple forms of  ceramic fiber  textiles made of reinforced yarn. Amazingly strong, they are useful as gasketing, insulation and fire protection  to temperatures of 1260C (2300F).

ASB Insulation Blanket

Non-RCF Blanket Type Z-MAG-B
Mechanically needled silica magnesia fiber blanket provides much of the same performance found in ceramic fiber blanket but in a NON RCF composition.

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