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102.jpg (2192 bytes)  NON-RCF Insulation Blanket Type Z-MAG-B

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Insulation Blanket Type Z-MAG-B consists of soluble NON RCF fiber formed into a mechanically needled flexible blanket. The fibers in it are soluble in body fluids and offer users a "safer" alternative to refractory ceramic fiber blankets. It meets European regulatory requirements (Directive 97/69/EC).
In many applications it can be used as a direct substitute for traditional RCF containing insulating blankets. Z-MAG-B blanket finds use in applications with temperatures to 1260 C (2300 F) and is available in a variety of thickness' and densities. It has good handle-ability and strength plus low shot content and is easily cut.

Z-MAG-B has excellent chemical stability and is unaffected by most chemicals except hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis. If wet by water or steam, thermal and physical properties remain unaffected after drying. It provides superior resistance to attack from molten aluminum alloys at high temperatures.
Z-MAG-B blanket ideal for use  as furnace insulation in sintering, heat treating and chemical thermal process systems. It can be layered between rigid insulation, wrapped around process piping or fabricated into folded modules. It is also useful as insulation packing in furnace spaces, around furnace sight tubes & ports and fill in expansion joints and masonry cracks.

Typical Composition, wt%     
     SiO2 72 - 77
     MgO 19 - 26
     Other Oxides 0 - 4
Color Bluish White
Maximum Use Temp*,C (F) 1260 (2300)
Melting Temperature, C (F) 1500 (2730)
Specific Gravity, g/cm3 2.54
Fiber Diameter, microns 4
Tensile Strength, ASTM 686-76, kPa (psi) 35 (5)
Compression Recovery**, % recovery
     @ 10 % compression 96
     @ 30 % compression 89
     @ 50 % compression 78
Linear Shrinkage, % 128 kg/m3 (8 pcf) blanket after 25 hrs at:
     800C (1472F) 0
     1000C (1832F) 1.7
     1260C (2300F) 3
Insulating Value‡‡, 128 kg/m3 (8 pcf) density

Hot Face, C (F)

Cold Face,C (F)

 650 (1202) 171 (340) 119 (246) 82 (181) 59 (138) 53 (128)
 870 (1598) 248 (479) 174 (346) 119/(247) 82 (180) 73 (164
1100 (2012) 338 (640) 243 (470) 168 (335) 114 (238) 101 (214)
Thickness, mm (in.) 25 (1) 51 (2) 102 (4) 203 (8) 254 (10)
* Maximum use temperature is dependent on variables such as stresses, both thermal and chemical, and the chemical environment that the material experiences.
** Properties expressed parallel to thickness.
Properties expressed perpendicular to thickness.
‡‡ Heat flow based on surface emissivity of 0.9, ambient temperature of 27C (80F) and no wind.


Substitute for RCF containing blanket insulation products.

Primary thermal insulation in low mass furnaces and thermal process systems operating to 1260C (2300F).

Backup thermal insulation in furnaces, and thermal process systems operating to high temperatures.

General high temperature furnace repair.

Expansion joint insulation.

Thermal insulation in hot appliances.

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Z-MAG-B, 6PCF, 24in.W x 25'L x 1in.T

$297.50 32
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