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ZIRCAR offers many of the accessories needed to build a high temperature low mass insulated furnace. From top to bottom, heating elements to hearth plates, everything you need is right here at ZIRCAR Ceramics.

Heating Element Holders Type H
Type H Heating Element Holders are designed to hold a range of molybdenum disilcide heating elements type MOSI2 in the roofs of  furnace insulation modules. The body of the holders are constructed of ZIRCAR alumina insulation type ZAL-45 and provides for positive element clamping and extreme corrosion resistance. An alumina insulation type SALI feed through insulates the furnace wall between the shanks of the element and allows for extended use at 1700C (3092F).
Heating Elements Type K-1, K-2 & K-3
Type K Heating Element Holders combine dense ceramic parts with stainless steel hardware and are used hold molybdenum disilcide heating elements type MOSI2. They are used to secure the unheated shanks of  molybdenum disilcide heating elements type MOSI2  where insulation between the element terminals is not a part of the holder itself. Several varieties for use with 6mm, 12mm and 18mm terminals are offered.
Terminal Clamp Type MTC
Type MTC Terminal Clamps are used to secure type 50A Heating Element Straps to the terminals of 6 mm diameter type MOSI2 molybdenum disilcide heating elements. Constructed of corrosion resistant spring steel these clamps can be readily installed or removed with two fingers and can last for many years of uninterrupted performance.
Heating Element Strap Type 50A, 125A & 250A
Type 50A strap is used to connect 6mm diameter terminals of molybdenum disilcide heating elements type MOSI2 to another element or to a terminal block. Straps are secured to terminals using Type MTC Terminal Clamps and to terminal boards with aluminum machine screws. Type 125A & 250A straps are used to connect the terminals of 12mm and 18mm terminals elements to a terminal block. All feature corrosion resistant aluminum braided strand strapping and terminal block ends. Type 125A & 250A straps include an integral stainless steel clamping mechanism for positive fastening to heating element terminals.
Shaft Collar Type SC-1
Type SC-1 Shaft Collars are designed to secure the cold end of Insulation Hanger Rods type HR-1& HR-2. These corrosion resistant stainless steel collars are custom made to fit and provide superior holding ability and long life.
Insulation Hanger Rods Type HR-1, HR-2 & HR-3
Insulation Hanger Rods are used to reinforce and support the hot face of fibrous ceramic insulation in the walls and roof of rapid cycle furnace linings. HR-1 Hanger Rods are used to support roofs and accept a Type HC Hanger Clip. HR-2 Support Rods are used in walls or roofs and hold the rods that actually support the insulation. Both are made of high purity fully dense aluminum oxide. HR-3 Support Rods are made of mullite which has excellent resistance to bending and creep at elevated temperatures.
Type HC Hanger Clip
Type HC Hanger Clips are the key to the ZIRCAR furnace insulation roof support system. Super strong single crystal sapphire material does not creep and bend. These clips fully support the insulation hanger system in furnace roofs operating to 1830C (3326F). They often outlast the insulation and support rods after prolonged use at elevated temperatures and are reusable during the next reline.
Dense Alumina Hearth Plates Type DAHP
Type DAHP Dense Alumina Hearth Plates are fine grain fully sintered plates for use in hearths of low mass fiber insulated furnaces. Used in conjunction with type RAHP Hearth Posts they provide a sturdy support system in rapid cycle furnaces operating to 1800C (3192F).
Noble Metal Thermocouple Nobel Metal Thermocouple Type NMTC
ZIRCAR Nobel Metal Thermocouples Type NMTC are platinum based elements used for sensing  temperature in low mass furnaces and thermal process systems operating to 1820C (3308F). Types "S", "B" and "Land-Jewel" varieties are available with single or dual elements and other options. Heavy duty platinum wire provides for long life at extreme temperatures.
Hearth Posts Type RAHP
Type RAHP Hearth Posts are strong low mass pillars used to support DAHP Dense Alumina Hearth Plates or other loads in low mass furnaces and thermal process systems. These reticulated ceramic posts possess excellent hot strength and low thermal conductivity. 

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