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102.jpg (3709 bytes)  Insulation Hanger and Support Rods Type HR-1, HR-2 & HR-3

ZIRCAR Insulation Hanger and Support Rods are high stability dense aluminum oxide components used to support the roof and walls in ZIRCAR Insulation Assemblies and Furnace Insulation Modules. Together they form a strong skeleton which fixes and supports the hot face insulation throughout a furnace. High alumina content plus excellent strength and creep resistance allow them to provide useful  support in furnaces operating to 1800°C, (3292°F).

Type HR-1 Hanger Rods are 1/2in. diameter x 5 1/2in. long solid alumina pieces with slots machined to accept a Sapphire Clip Type SC-1.   Together they have exceptional strength and are used to suspend furnace roof insulation panels. 

Type HR-2 Hanger Rods are 1/2in. diameter x 5 1/2in. long solid alumina pieces with a through hole machined to accept 1/4in. diameter HR-3 Support Rods. In a typical installation this combination is used to support the insulation in furnace walls. 

HR-1 and HR-2 Hanger Rods are normally installed through furnace walls up to 4in. thick. Protruding through the furnace shell they are secured on the outside with a Shaft Collar Type SC-1.

Support Rod Furnace Access.Type HR-3 Support Rods are 1/4in. diameter, dense ceramic rods for use in conjunction with Hanger Rods Type HR-2 or as individual supports imbedded within an insulation panel. They are available in two different compositions. Type HR-3M Support Rods are high density tubes of mullite composition. This 80% Al2O3 / 20% SiO2 body provides exceptional strength in most applications. HR-3A Support Rods are 99.8% aluminum oxide for use in applications where chemical attack resistance is of concern. 


Type HR-1, HR-2 &HR-3A HR-3M
Composition, %
     Al2O3 99.9+ 80
     SiO2   20
Density, g/cc 4.0 2.6
Form Rod Tube


Shaft Collar Type SC-1 Mounted on HR-2 Hanger Rod with HR-3M Support Rod Hanger Clip Type HC Inserted in Slot in  HR-1 Hanger Rod Hanger Clip Type HC, HR-1 Hanger Rod and HR-3A Support Rods


Suspension system for fibrous ceramic insulation in furnaces operating to 1800°C, (3292°F).

Imbedded reinforcement within fibrous ceramic insulation panels.

msds.jpg (1069 bytes)MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETmsds.jpg (1069 bytes)





SHIP WT. (lb)











 HR-3M, 1/4in.OD x 48in.L




 HR-3A, 1/4in.OD x 36in.L


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Type HR-1 & HR-2 Hanger rods are available in lengths from 3 in. to 24in.. Hr-3 Support Rods are available in lengths from 2in. to 60in..

Custom diameter, length, shape and compositional variations are available on request. 

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