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102.jpg (3709 bytes)  Noble Metal Thermocouple Type NMTC

GENERAL INFORMATIONNoble Metal Thermocouple
ZIRCAR Noble Metal Thermocouple assemblies consist of platinum/rhodium alloy wire (0.020in.dia.) installed in a high alumina insulator and protective tubes with a dense alumina terminal  block. These noble metals and their alloys are the most reliable sensing elements for the high temperature range shown. They have exceptional resistance to corrosion and stability in calibration; however, hydrogen,  carbon and many metal vapors can contaminate a platinum/rhodium thermocouple. These thermocouples are offered in various standard and custom configurations, including:
  • Single element thermocouples
  • Double element thermocouples  (for use with independent over temperature controllers).
  • Open-end protection tubes - Where reaction with an atmosphere is not of concern.
  • Closed-end protection tubes - For use in reducing atmospheres, or other atmospheres containing contaminating species.


Recommended Temperature Range

S - Pt vs. Pt10Rh

0-1450C, 1500 C Max.

B - Pt6Rh vs. Pt30Rh

800C-1700C, 1750 C Max.

LJ - Pt20Rh vs. Pt40Rh

1000C-1800C, 1850 C Max.

Thermocouple Temp Range Graph  

Monitoring temperature of Furnace Insulation Modules Type FIM

Replacement of other manufactures thermocouples





SHIP WT. (lb.)



 NMTC, LJ-1-1-1


 * Note: Prices shown apply to sales within the United States. Contact us for information regarding international commerce.

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Standard items are available for immediate shipment from stock.

Custom thermocouples are available on request. Thermocouple assemblies of various lengths, containing multiple sensing elements of the same or different types can be provided. Bare element thermocouples, those without protection tube and units with open or closed ended protection tubes are possible. 

Thermocouples are typically produced in the 3in. to 12in. range, but units up to 24in. in length (and beyond) may be manufactured.

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing.

To Order

Standard items:  order online or specify quantity, item # and description.
Custom thermocouples: specify quantity, item # and description. Example: 2ea, S-2-2-2-6.7 (Type S, Dual Element, Open Tip,   6.7in. Insulation Thickness). Refer to the information below to determine the item number of custom thermocouples.


How to Choose a Thermocouple

* Custom Insulation Thickness must include Code # 2 with the insulation thickness rounded to the nearest .1in. (example; 2-6.7in.)


To determine and specify the type of thermocouple to order, refer to the above charts. THERMOCOUPLE TYPE indicates the type of Thermocouple by the recommended temperature range up to which you are operating your furnace.  Choose from the Types S, B or LJ.

To determine and specify the number of elements refer to the table titled ELEMENT CODE. Choose the number 1 for Single Element or 2 for Dual Element Thermocouple.

To determine and specify the type of Tip Style refer to the table titled TIP STYLE CODE. Choose the number 1 for Closed Protection Tube or 2 for Open Protection Tube.

To determine and specify the Insulation Thickness, refer to the table titled INSULATION THICKNESS CODE. Choosing the Code number 1 (if using 3 1/4in. of insulation with Types S or B Thermocouples, or 3 3/4in. of insulation with LJ type Thermocouples) indicates a standard insulation thickness. Custom Insulation Thickness must include Code Number 2 with the insulation thickness rounded to the nearest 0.1in. ( example; 2-6.7in.).


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