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MICROSIL Microporous Insulation is an incredible insulation material. Having thermal conductivity an order of magnitude lower than ceramic fiber materials Microsil Microporous Insulation can be an integral part of thousands of thermal management applications with temperatures as high as 950C (1742F).

MICROSIL is a combination of ultra-fine silica powders, specially processed refractory oxides and glass reinforcing fibers. Compacted under tons of force to form a light weight yet rigid structure MICROSIL offers maximum insulation in a minimum amount of space, saving weight and most importantly energy.

Unique to MICROSIL's microporous structure is its low density which minimizes conductive heat transfer and its billions of nano-pockets which block convection and reflect heat energy like mirrors back to its source.

MICROSIL is nearly immune to thermal shock. It is completely non-combustible in accordance with standard DIN 4102 Class A1 and can be stored indefinitely in dry conditions. MICROSILs microporous structure is adversely effected by water, oil, alcohol and other liquids.

Color Grey
Density, kg/m3 (pcf) 230 (14.4)
Composition, wt%
     SiO2 80
     SiC 15
     Other Oxides 5
Max Use Temperature, C (F)  950 (1742)
Specific Heat, J/Kg C (BTU / lb.F), to 800C (1472F) 800 (0.19)
Emmissivity 0.95
Compression 14 psi, % 2.9
Cold Crushing Strength, N/mm2 1.1
Linear Shrinkage, % after 24 hrs @  
     800C 1.0
     1000C 4.8
Thermal Conductivity, w/mK (BTU in. / hr ft2 F)
     20C (68F) 0.019 (0.132)
     200C (392F) 0.023 (0.145)
     400C (752F) 0.028 (0.173)
     600C (1112F) 0.030 (0.208)
     800C (1472F) 0.038 (0.263)
Thermal Conductivity of MICROSIL compared to various other materials


MICROSIL exhibits a tightly compressed uniform pore structure facilitating its machinability to tight tolerances. Precisely machined parts can be obtained through the use of conventional carbide tooling.

Custom CNC machined MICROSIL disk



Primary thermal insulation in low mass furnaces and thermal process systems operating to 950C (1742F). 

Backup thermal insulation in furnaces and thermal process systems operating to high temperatures.

Backup insulation in molten metal launders & distribution boxes, furnace and kiln flue and chimney linings, combustion chamber liners, baffles and muffles.

Thermal insulation in hot appliances.

Primary thermal insulation in oil well and process system piping.

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ZIRPORCOAT-2 is a single-part hydrophilic inorganic coating designed specifically for use with MICROSIL Microporous Insulation. It has useful properties to  900C (1652F).

Applied by brushing or dipping ZIRPORCOAT-2 combines with the surface of the MICROSIL and works to increase its surface hardness. It also improves edge stability, handleability and reduces particulate generation.


Color White






PRICE* SHIP WT. (lb.)  
D117-03 MICROSIL, 650mmW x 1000mmL x 12.5mmT $235.00 12
D117-01 MICROSIL, 650mmW x 1000mmL x 25mmT $331.00 15
D117-02 MICROSIL, 650mmW x 1000mmL x 50mmT $511.00 20


$240.00 5
D8290 ZIRPORCOAT, 8 LITER BUCKET $1326.00 25

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Standard boards and ZIRPORCOAT are available for immediate shipment from stock. Standard tolerances for boards are +/- .080" on length and width. Thickness tolerance is +/- .030" for 12.5mm and 25mm thick boards and +/- .060" for 50mm thick boards.

Custom boards, shapes, and preparations are available on request. Special geometries such as pipe linings, disks, rings and custom-machined shapes and others can be fabricated. These materials can be encapsulated in fiberglass veil, aluminum foil or vacuum packed in foil or poly wrapper.

Tight tolerance machining, compositional variations and the application of surface rigidizers and hardening agents are available. 

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing. 

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