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ZIRCAR Furnace Insulation Modules Type FIM are pre-assembled insulation systems constructed of premium grade ZIRCAR fibrous ceramic insulation layers encased in a rugged shell. Standard front and bottom loading models are available for use in air to 1700C (3100F) and 1800C (3272F).

These complete units  require only the addition of a protective furnace enclosure and power supply, with temperature controller, to build a complete rapid cycle furnace. Easy to use, they facilitate rapid furnace construction and use components that are easily replaced. 

A hot face of Alumina Insulation Type SALI-2 or SALI is installed in relatively small, fully supported, panels. This installation technique provides for long life during rapid cycling operation. An intermediate layer of Alumina Insulation Type ZAL-15AA is backed up with Alumina-Silica Insulation Type ASH. These 3 insulation layers are encased and supported by an outer shell of Refractory Hardboard Type FRA-600. A welded frame of high grade steel surrounds and protects the entire insulation package. Heating element holders, element straps & clamps, terminal boards, hearth systems and thermocouple holes are provided. Front loading models with center point hinged doors utilize Refractory Hardboard Type ARA-1000 door cowls secured with stainless steel fasteners which provide superior wear resistance.

Accessories such as heating elements,  thermocouples, hearth systems, and furnace module enclosures are available.

Many custom size & shape modules and those with unique features have been designed and fabricated including:

View our TECHNICAL PAPERS and PROMOTIONAL ARTICLES for more information about the construction and use of Furnace Insulation Modules. Specifically see the Furnace Module User's Guide.



 1700C Module

Front Loader

Item #: A28100

Working size: 5in.W x 5.5in.D x 5in.H

Chamber Size: 7.5in.W x 6.5in.D x 6.25in.H

Heating elements:  6 ea., MOSI2, 18-3/6-5.50-5.00-0.98in.

1700C Module

 Bottom Loader

Item #: A28400

Working size: 12in.W x 12in.D x 10in.H

Chamber Size: 16in.W x 16in.D x 11.25in.H

Heating elements: 12 ea., MOSI2, 18-6/12-9.50-8.00-1.97in.

1800C Module

 Front Loader 

Item #: A28500

Working size: 5in.W x 8in.D x 4.75in.H

Chamber Size: 9in.W x 10in.D x 8in.H

Heating elements:  6 ea., MOSI2, 19-6/12-6.88-7.87-1.57in.


Research and prototype furnace construction

Production furnaces used for ceramics and metals sintering

OEM furnace builders as well as individual furnace users.


Modules can be supplied complete with heating element holders and straps, terminal boards and posts plus hearth plates, support posts, Thermocouples and heating elements..


A wide variety of custom modules is available. See some examples in the

Furnace Insulation Module Photo Gallery 

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing. Our Furnace Insulation Module Questionnaire is an excellent tool to use to convey the requirements of a custom Furnace Insulation Module.

To Order

Custom modules: specify quantity and description (by supplying drawings, sketches, written descriptions or material specifications).


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