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102.jpg (3709 bytes)  Heater Module Type HTMOD

ZIRCAR  Heater Module Type HTMOD comprise low density refractory fiber insulation vacuum formed and built-in resistance wire heating elements mounted in a rugged enclosure. Typically these heating units are encased in stainless steel and come ready to connect to a suitable power supply. Providing fast, clean, efficient insulated heat at temperatures to 1300C (2372F) all HTMOD's are built to customer specification. They are available in a wide range of complex shapes, sizes, temperature ratings and wattages.


Fabrication of furnaces used in:

     Crystal Growth and Zone Refining

     Ceramics and Metals Sintering and Heat Treatment

     Semi-Conductor Wafer Processing

     Acid Distillation

     Mechanical and Chemical Property Testing Apparatus

     Research and Development



A wide variety of custom modules is available.

Please contact us to with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing. Our Heater Module Questionnaire is an excellent tool to use to convey the requirements of a custom Heater Module. 

To Order

Custom modules: specify quantity and description (by supplying drawings, sketches, written descriptions or material specifications).

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