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Moldable insulation products used to fill cracks & seams, coat surfaces and build complex geometric low density fibrous ceramic insulating materials.

Z-450 Castertip

Alumina Insulation Type SALI Moldable
A close cousin to our premium grade Type SALI insulation,  SALI Moldable is a thick doughy material readily shaped into complex forms using molds & hand building techniques or applied to surfaces. When dried and fired, parts made of it are useful to 1700C (3092F).

Z-290 Casterip

Alumina-Silica Insulation Type AX Moldable
AX Moldable is a sticky fiber rich paste useful to obtain a hard surface coating, bond alumina-silica fiber based insulation products to themselves and to form
complex shapes for use to 1260C (2300F).

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