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ZIRCAR Alumina Insulation Type SALI Moldable is a wet, premixed, ready to use high temperature thermal insulation composed of alumina fibers and high purity ceramic binders. When dried and fired it produces a rigid refractory composite insulation with excellent high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, and good thermal shock properties for use up to 1700C (3092F).

SALI Moldable has the appearance of wet fiber clumps and is usable directly  from the container. It is readily shaped into complex forms using molds & hand building techniques or applied to surfaces. It can be placed by hand with some force or using a mechanical tamping device to insure good fiber-to-fiber cohesion and the elimination of voids. A stiff putty knife,  spatula, or end of a wooden stick may be used for filling small cavities, whereas a power hammer is recommended for large molds. Containers should be kept sealed to prevent hardening. Should the moldable appear too dry, a small amount of water or Alumina Rigidizer/Hardener Type AL-R/H may be added.

SALI Moldable is nearly neutral in pH and does not attack or corrode most materials that it contacts. Wearing rubber or plastic gloves during placement is recommended.

The moldable mix may be washed readily from implements or the hands with water. SALI Moldable contains water that must be dried out prior to use or removing from the mold. It may be air dried  or dried to 95C-110C (200F-230F). During forced drying, a major surface must be uncovered to permit evaporation. Bonding strength is achieved during drying; however, additional strength may be achieved by firing the  part at 1094C-1370C (2000F-2500F), for 2-3 hours. SALI Moldable does not adhere to smooth surfaces and self-releases from molds in many cases.


Typical Composition, %







Solid Content, %


Placing Density, nominal, wet, gm/cc (pcf)

1.28 (80)

Bulk Density, nominal, dried, gm/cc (pcf)

0.64 (40)


6.5 - 7.0

     As Supplied Light Green
     Fired White

Maximum Use Temp*, C (F)

1700 (3092)

Melting Point, C (F)

1927 (3500)

Drying Shrinkage, Volume% 


Firing Shrinkage after 24 hrs at 1700C (3100F)


* Maximum use temperature is dependent on variables such as stresses, both thermal and mechanical, and the chemical environment that the material experiences.
** Properties expressed parallel to thickness.
Properties expressed perpendicular to compaction direction.


General high temperature furnace ling repair with use to 1700C (3092F).

Molding compound for forming intricate shapes or those too large to machine from ZIRCAR Alumina Insulation Type SALI.

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Custom package sizes of SALI  Moldable and intricate shapes formed from it are available on request. Our forming processes, large inventory of custom tooling and state of the art machining techniques allow a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be made. Special geometries such as disks, rings, custom bore (round corner square, hexagonal, oval, etc.) cylinders, staved cylinders, troughs, channel, angle, custom-machined shapes, kiln furniture, electrical standoffs, holders, combustion chambers, covers, hood liners and others can be fabricated. Machining to tight tolerance, compositional variations and the application of surface rigidizers and hardening agents are also available.

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing.

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