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102.jpg (3709 bytes)  Alumina Insulation Type SALI-2

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ZIRCAR Alumina Insulation Type SALI-2 is a high strength, low density, rigid refractory structure fabricated from alumina fibers and high purity inorganic binders.  It has an optimum density of 32 lbs/ft (0.51 gm/cc), fine open pore structure and excellent thermal insulating properties. SALI-2 exhibits superior hot strength and dimensional stability at 1800C (3192F) and withstands intermittent use to 1830C (3326F)

 The homogeneous microstructure and consistent binder distribution allows this materials to be machined to tight exacting tolerances with ordinary shop tools and equipment. SALI-2's superior machineability and dimensional stability plus low heat capacity makes it ideal for use as setters, supports and process fixtures in both continuous and batch firing furnaces.

SALI-2 is pre-fired, contain no organic binders and will produce no smoke or odors when heated. It has excellent resistance to chemical attack and is not affected by  oil or water. It is, however, affected by hydrofluoric acid, phosphorous acid and strong alkalis. 


Typical Composition, % 





Moisture & Organic Content




Density, gm/cm (lbs/ft)

0.51 (32)

Open Porosity, %


Maximum Use Temp.*, C (F)


1800 (3292)


1830 (3326)

Melting Point, C (F)

1870 (3392)



Linear Shrinkage‡,  %  

   24 hrs at 1700C (3092F)


   24 hrs at 1800C (3272F)


Flexural Strength**,MPA (psi)

2.14 (310)

Compressive Strength**, MPA (psi) at 10% Compression

1.04 (150)

Thermal Conductivity,** ASTM C177-76 W/Mk (BTU/hr ft F/in)

   250C (482F)

0.15 (1.0)

   525C (977F)

0.20 (1.3)

   800C (1472F)

0.25 (1.7)

   1350C (2462F)

0.34 (2.4)

   1650C (3002F)

0.39 (2.9)

Specific Heat, BTU/lbF (J/kgK)

0.25 (1047)

SAG/Distortion, 6in. (152mm) x 1in. (25.4mm) x 1in. (25.4mm), 5in. (127mm) Span, % after 24 hrs. at 1650C (3002F)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)‡,, Room Temperature to 1100C (1832F), x 10-6/C ( 10-6/F) 6.2 (3.4)

Softening Temperature8, C (F)

1340 (2444)

* Maximum use temperature is dependent on variables such as stresses, both thermal and mechanical, and the chemical environment that the material experiences.
** Properties expressed parallel to thickness.
Properties expressed perpendicular to thickness.
CTE per ASTM C-372, 0.5 psi load on 1/2in. square sample, 3C/min. heating / cooling rate, air atmosphere.
8 Temperature sample yields under load of push rod in CTE determination


Primary thermal insulation in low mass furnaces and thermal process systems operating to 1820C (3308F).

Backup thermal insulation in furnaces and thermal process systems operating to temperatures exceeding 2000C (3632F).

High temperature setters, supports and process fixtures.

Electrical insulation in high temperature systems operating to 1800C (3272F).

msds.jpg (1069 bytes)MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETmsds.jpg (1069 bytes)






SHIP WT. (lb.)



SALI-2, 12in.W x 18in.L x 1.00in.T




SALI-2, 12in.W x 18in.L x 1.50in.T




SALI-2, 12in.W x 18in.L x 2.00in.T


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Standard boards are available for immediate shipment from stock. Standard tolerances for boards are +/- 1/8in. on length and width and +/- 1/16in. on thickness.

Boards are typically produced 12in. wide x 18in. long x to 2in. thick. Custom boards and shapes smaller than a few cubic inches and larger than a cubic foot in can be produced.

Cylinders typically produced have 1in. to 10in.ID, 1in. to 2in. wall thickness and are up to 12in. long. Typical tolerances are +/- 1/16in. on diameters and +/- 1/8in. on length. Custom cylinders and shapes smaller than a few cubic inches, larger than a cubic feet, with IDs of in. to 12in., wall thickness of 1/8in. to 3in. and lengths to 12in.have been produced.

Large boards, cylinders and shapes have been produced via a proprietary molding / joining process.

Custom boards, cylinders, shapes and preparations are available on request. Our forming processes, large inventory of custom tooling and state of the art machining techniques allow a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be made. Special geometries such as disks, rings, custom bore (round corner square, hexagonal, oval, etc.) cylinders, staved cylinders, troughs, channel, angle, custom-machined shapes and others can be fabricated. Machining to tight tolerance, compositional variations and the application of surface rigidizers and hardening agents are available. Please contact us with your special requirements.

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing. 

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