Custom is Standard at ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.

For nearly one full Man-Century, ZIRCAR Ceramics has been manufacturing Ceramic Fiber based materials that have helped enable the advancement of some of the finest technologies on the planet - including but not limited to advances in specialty glasses, light metals, powder metals, semiconductor crystals and many more. Significant advances have been facilitated by the extensive range of standard high [...]

ZIRCAR Ceramics Manufactures Its Largest Fiber Insulated Heaters Ever.

Manufacturing Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters (FIH) is not Rocket Science but it does require appropriate capital equipment, design engineering, tool fabrication and manufacturing resources. Large FIHs can require several hours of preparation wherein helically wound coils of resistance wire are precisely positioned on the mold (as shown above) prior to vacuum forming. The largest FIHs ZIRCAR Ceramics has made are [...]

RNKO-HD High-Strength Alumina-Silica Board

General Information ZIRCAR Ceramics’ RNKO-HD Alumina-Silica board is a uniquely strong, low-density combination of 1260oC rated Al2O3-SiO2 (RCF) fibers and a stabilized inorganic amorphous SiO2 binder. RNKO-HD is 100% organic free. At 0.85 g/cc (53 pcf) density, RNKO-HD has been developed for applications where a combination of low thermal conductivity and the abilty to withstand high compressive loads at high [...]

To Fray Or Not to Fray?

The answer is Alumina Rigidizer Type AL-R/H. Alumina Textile Type AS-7M is an incredible material. It retains 100% of its tensile strength when exposed to temperatures as high as 1200C. Type 0909-P is commonly used as a reinforcement in advanced refractory structures including CMCs. Because AS-7M is manufactured with only a minute amount of organic sizing added in the yarn […]